Motorola could release the very first quad core tablet this fall, featuring Nvidia Tegra 3 technology, according to rumors coming from Fudzilla. Apparently, they have sources inside the biz, confirming this fact. Moto is already responsible with the first Honeycomb tablet out there, so this just another premiere for them.


This is the second company linked to the Tegra 3 CPU, after Amazon was also supposed to deliver such a device. Meanwhile, Nvidia announced that it will make available its new quad core CPU from August, while smartphones with this technology will arrive by Christmas. Nexus 3 comes to mind and back to Motorola and its tablet we sure hope it’s not going to be named Xoom 2, considering the lack of success of the first model.

Tegra 3 is going to be 5 times better performing than Tegra 2 and it’s also supposed to have stunning graphics, thanks to a 12 core Nvidia GPU. We also expect top notch gaming on the new Motorola tablet and a perfect hardware platform for running Android Ice Cream Sandwich or whatever Honeycomb’s follow-up will be.

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