You’re probably all familiar with the Nokia N9 by now: beautiful phone, polycarbonate case with unique design, no physical front keys, 8MP camera… MeeGo. Well, the latter and some of the phone’s features are detailed in the video below, that revolves around the Swipe movements that control the handset’s interface.


Some compared the way you control the N9 with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet gestures and they’re right to do so. However, there’s more to MeeGo than that and even Engadget was charmed enough by this handset to call it the best ever. It’s true that the interface is innovative, user-friendly and a departure from Symbian, but will Nokia sell enough units to make a difference?

The $660 price doesn’t seem to help right now and also the fact that this is the first and last MeeGo phone can be a strong argument to skip it, fearing lack of support later on…

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