We’ve started hearing rumors about Nokia’s next top notch smartphone, the N9, that will supposedly use a 1.2GHz Intel Atom CPU to run MeeGo. It is expected that this device will debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, an event taking place next month.


Considering that MeeGo was developed by Intel and Nokia together, we’re not surprised to find out that there’s an Atom processor inside the new smartphone. Rumor has it that the N9 will adopt a form factor that’s similar to the one of the E7 model, so it’ll sport a large display and landscape sliding QWERTY keyboard.

We’re curios if the battery life on the phone will be affected by the choice of CPU, but we’re sure Nokia has something prepared to solve any potential issues. Other hardware on the N9 should include a 12MP camera and basically you can consider this unit a combo between the N8 and the E7, taking what’s best from both of them.

The last of the rumors concerning the new product is that it’ll support LTE 4G connectivity, a piece of news that makes us think of a Verizon launch in the U.S., unless things go down the same way they did with AT&T and the X7.

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