Nokia N900 just got its own micro-blogging client, compatible with the Maemo platform and available for download from here. The software allows you to follow all of your friends via Twitter and also follow the thread of a conversation.

Also, Mauku 2.0 supports more than one service, not only one account and site. Right now, the software is able to connect to Twitter and similar services, like Laconica and Qaiku, while support for Facebook and Jaiku are also on the waiting list. You can also setup multiple accounts for the service of your choice.

The new N900 app supports URL opening straight from tweets and there’s even a Home screen widget ready for the smartphone, making things easier. Right now Mauku 2.0 is in beta testing and more functionality, like searching will be added soon.

For developers, it’s important to know that Mauku is built on top of the Microfeed backend, meaning that it’s all about the totally open plugin architecture.