We’ve seen the HTC HD2 smartphone facing quite a bunch of handsets recently, in all sorts of duels and the iPhone 3GS has been one of its most often used opponents. Now, the folks of wmpoweruser decided to compare the two phones in the call handling segment. Who wins, you’ll see in the video below:

HTC HD2 has the upper hand in most tests of this feature, since the iPhone 3GS even lacks the basic Smart Dialling feature. Apple’s phone also lacks an app used for making ringtones (unless you jailbreak it), while the HTC device has such software. HD2 is also impressive when it comes to ringing volume, far louder than the iPhone 3GS.

Also, the volume will go down automatically during the call, as you pick up the phone, a feature you won’t see on the iPhone. HTC HD2 uses a more natural and intuitive interface, plus it packs a speaker that’s able to deliver the voice and sounds to the user, even with the device facing downwards.

There’s also a Pocket Mode that can be activated on the HD2, for louder and louder ring tones when the handset is in your pocket, so all in all the iPhone 3GS is quite the loser in this comparison.

[via wmpoweruser]

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