A blogger from scobleizer.com got to spend some quality time with the new Nokia N97 handset last night, only to find out that it’s the perfect Facebook device. Why so? Well, for starters it can do tons of things that the iPhone can’t, stuff like recording 16:9 video, while using its 5 megapixel camera, that surpasses the on Apple’s handset in every aspect possible.


There’s also the advantage of the QWERTY keypad that the N97 uses and it allows you to type 3 Facebook status messages in the time it took you to write 2 of them on the iPhone. There’s also copy/paste functionality on the Nokia device, unlike the iPhone, that lacks it and there’s the advantage of the replaceable battery, which will keep you going for days, once again unlike Apple’s phone.

Last, but not least, N97 comes with a GPS that supports turn-by-turn navigation and also includes a compass, both lacking from the iPhone. The only feature that’s common to both devices is the interface, that allows you to flick through photos or do drag and drop moves.

[via scobleizer]

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