During today’s Nokia World 2008 session, the Finnish company announced a couple of new Nokia accessories, among which there were a home music device, a broadband modem and a power solution. The first on the list is Nokia Home Music, a device that supports Internet radio, plays podcasts and FM radio. You can even connect it to a digital music player, phone or PC to listen to your favorite music.


Also revealed today was Nokia Internet Stick CS-10, a broadband modem that’s compatible with PCs and Macs and it doesn’t even need a hotspot or WLAN to work. Just plug the accessory in the USB port of your laptop and go online, check your email and browse the web. You’ll need an active SIM card with a data plan in order for this device to work.

Last of the accessories launched today is Nokia Extra Power CD-11, that functions as a backup power source for two devices. It’s portable, easy to use and compatible with microUSB and Nokia 2mm charging interfaces, plus Nokia 2mm chargers.

[via Nokia Press Bulettin Board]

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