Some of the people blogging out there are really lucky enough to get their hands on a handset before anyone else. This is the case of the guy blogging on the Thoughts and Technology site, who managed to score a HTC Max 4G and reviewed it immediately.


He calls the handset a “beefed up Diamond” and by looking at the specs we can’t say that he’s not wrong at all: 3.8 inches touchscreen with widescreen resolution (640 x 800 pixels), 8GB internal memory and microSD slot, WiMAX support, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and GSM/EDGE.

HTC Max 4G runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and uses the Russian Yota 4G network (2.5 GHz WiMAX). Although the handset is impressive enough by itself, the Yota Interface does a fine job, too, after you install it on the new HTC device. Too bad that the reviewer can’t read Russian, so his opinions on Yota will be suppositions more than everything.

Turns out that this interface allows you to use customizable shortcuts and borrows a couple of traits of the T-Mobile G1 UI. Yota Catalogue is also included, as a feature that adds new services and apps over the air and there’s also Yota TV, Yota Music, Yota video and Yota Yap Yap.

Until the owner of the handset learns Russian or we get a Russian review of the device, we’ll be left with this partial analysis of HTC Max 4G, which is fairly good, considering the circumstances.

[Thoughts and Technology via wmpoweruser]

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