In just two minutes we’re going to find out why the freshly-announced Nokia N97 might be the hottest gadget of 2009. We’ll take a quick look at its interface, menus and features in the video demo below, after finding out the specs of the device which we’ve shown you here:


The handset seems to feel solid in the hand of the user, who gets a good grip of it. As far as design and looks go, it might be considered a combination between the T-Mobile G1 and XPERIA X1. It’s a wide device with a tilting screen above the keyboard and a superb user interface. I can even dare to say that scrolling in menus is done faster than on the iPhone 3G.

There are widgets on the Home screen to move around as you please, in order to easily access them later on. N97 seems to also have TV functions and, of course it supports landscape viewing, although passing from it to portrait and vice versa takes a little bit more than it should.

At the end of the demo we get to see the phone’s video player in action and the music player, which has a classic interface, with the cover of the artist and all. This is a promising device for sure and maybe the best smartphone of 2009!

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