Lukáš Kmit is a Slovakian violist who was playing a concert just the other day, when suddenly he became part of an Internet sensation/viral. At some point during his exhibition of artistry a Nokia ringtone was heard in the room and someone from the public must have felt ashamed. The thing is that the artist didn’t protest against the lack of respect, instead he took the Nokia tune and played it on violin, making the whole incident an incredible twist and very fun to listen to.


Last time classical music had to do with phones, an iPhone’s marimba ringtone interrupted the New York Philharmonic concert and that happened this month. The orchestra decided to quit playing while the annoying iPhone was stopped. However Lukáš Kmit took advantage of the occasion to improvise a bit on the original Nokia theme. In case you didn’t know, the Nokia ring tone was originally a beautiful guitar piece, composed in 1902 by Spanish guitarist Francisco Tarrega.

The piece was called “Gran Vals” and as the name says it’s a grand waltz, that sounds brilliant. You can see it in the video below, in case you even wondered what the full ringtone/piece sounds like. The Nokia ringtone has changed over the years, but the main concept remains the same, although it got a techno twist, a rock twist and other genres during the years. Now it’s all electronic and stuff… with a dubstep version getting a lot of hype these days.

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