Microsoft Canada must have been distracted by the moves in the Android camp, since it leaked quite a bunch of devices, interesting ones too. I’m talking about some models with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango on board, such as Samsung Yukon, Samsung Wembley and most importantly Nokia Searay and Nokia Sabre.

While the first two Samsung units might be rebranded versions of the Omnia W and the newest Focus models, the Searay is an older acquaintance of ours, one of the most awaited handsets of the year. Nokia Sabre has been in the news ever since last month, seen as a prototype with a 3.7 inch screen and a microSIM card slot. There was also a wpcentral rumor about the release of the Sabre in summer 2012, although that seems too far.

If you want more details about Microsoft Canada’s leak, know that they accidentally mentioned unreleased handset names in the rules of a Mango application contest. Nokia World is taking place in later October, so that’s the time frame you’ll be keeping an eye on, if you want more data on the Nokia smartphones with WP7.5. Meanwhile, Microsoft Canada already modified the page and got rid of the new handset names.

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