Opera Software just announced the latest improvements in the Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 browser for Symbian/S60 and Windows Mobile. Beta 3 is a more stable version, with a lot of fixed bugs, new features and more. You can download it from here, on a PC or access the m.opera.com address from your mobile phone.


Among the improvements there’s the support for Windows Mobile keypad, experimental Flash support on WM (touch devices), but this feat depends on how powerful your handset is. For example, on HTC Touch HD2, the experience is good, but on slower devices, it’s mediocre or poor.

The S60 version gets the following improvements:

– a text selection fix
– general bug fixing
– complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
– non-latin characters are supported in the UI
– text selection and input/keyboard issues are fixed
– visual indication of input mode is also available for non-latin input modes

The Windows Mobile version of the browser comes with the following improvements:

– Flash Lite 3.1 support
– general bug fixing (stability, interface)
– Opera Link bookmarking sync available
– BIDI support for language extensions
– phone numbers in plain text get converted to links
– background sound support

There are still issues in this new version, stuff like the loss of Beta 2 bookmarks, lack of hotmail functionality, problems with Dragonfly and performance degradation during use. More details are available here.

[via Opera]

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