As Xiaomi and Foxconn are heading towards USA, more Chinese brands are finding the path to the country soon to be lead by Donald Trump. Oppo for example is going to sell its smartphone in the US by the end of the current month.


Oppo has been growing a lot over the past year, even surpassing Huawei in China, when it comes to sales. With hits like the Oppo R9 and the R9 Plus, this achievement is easy to justify. Oppo is prepping for their US debut and they already have over 1100 patents for that purpose, out of which 200 are globally registered.

ZTE already has a good presence in the States and Huawei is also doing fine there, plus even LeEco made it past the Ocean. Oppo is part of the big BBK Electronics conglomerate, with Vivo and OnePlus, so those may also make the jump. Oppo’s phones have a fully customized Color OS applied on top of Android, which shouldn’t be a problem, unless there’s spyware, as found on Xiaomi a while ago.

The lack of Nougat on Oppo’s device may be a bit of drawback though…

via phoneradar