Oppo is working on the flagship Find 7 handset, but now there’s a new model in town. It’s called Oppo Neo and it leaked on an Indonesian website. Details are not very clear yet, aside from the diagonal: 4.5 inches.



The Neo is supposed to have a 4.5 inch IPS LCD display and it’s also teased to sport a Quick Reach mode. This is probably something in the vein of the Glance feature on the Nokia Lumia or maybe the similar function on the Galaxy S5, allowing you to see info and notifications by hovering  the hand over the screen.

There’s also a Gloves Mode, that may mean the device’s screen supports input even with gloves on. Meanwhile, we know that Oppo is working on yet another phone, dubbed the R1. There’s no swivelling camera here, unlike the N1 model and I wonder if there’s any CyanogenMod love this time.

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