PhoneDog’s Adriana Lee had the unique opportunity of messing with the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi in the same video session. She compared both devices in a 10 minute dogfight, that can be checked out in the video below. Slim candybar phone meets the original slider. Who wins?


Palm Pre was announced in February 2009, being the first webOS smartphone on the market and packing a very cool 3.1 inch TFT capacitive touchsreen display, with a 320 x 480 pixels resolution. Pixi was announced in September 2009 and it features a poorer screen, a capacitive TFT touchscreen as well, but this time with a 2.63 inch diagonal and a 320 x 400 pixels resolution.

Both devices sport a QWERTY keyboard, but the Pre features a sliding one, while the Pixi integrates a front full QWERTY keyboard. Since we’re in the similarities section, both handsets feature an 8GB internal memory, no memory card slot, Palm webOS, HSDPA connectivity and a 3.5mm audio jack. Pre’s camera is far better, thanks to its 3.15 megapixel resolution, enhanced fixed focus and LED flash.

Pixi sports a 2 megapixel unit with flash, no video and no secondary camera. Also, this device lacks WLAN… Although the second webOS phone looks rather poor, for the right price it could become a hit, if you consider it a stripped down Pre.

[via phonedog]

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