Noah from Phonedog is at again, comparing two of the most important “iPhone 3GS killers”, HTC Hero and Palm Pre. What do the two hold against Apple’s shiniest toy? Multitasking? A hotter interface? Design? Find out from the video below:

For starters, Palm Pre shares iPhone 3GS’ 600 MHz processor, while HTC Hero comes with a 528 MHz CPU, that still manages to raise to the expectations. Let’s see Palm and HTC reacting when Apple will release the next gen iPhone, rumoured to sport a 1 GHz processor… Next, we have to put two multitasking devices to the test, since both HTC Hero and Palm Pre support this feature, one on its webOS and the other one on Android 1.5 (Linux).

Noah seems to be a fan of the Palm Pre, although we’d choose HTC Hero over it any day, as far as multitasking is concerned. Next, we come to the video resolution aspect, learning that both handsets (and the iPhone 3GS) support a 480 x 320 video resolution, so nothing much to mess with here. Storage space might be an issue, since Palm Pre sports 8GB of internal memory, while Hero comes with 512MB, but also with a microSD memory card slot.

An advantage of Palm Pre is its physical keyboard, that’s only matched with a virtual one on HTC Hero, but the Android smartphone fights back in the camera section, sporting a 5 megapixel autofocus module with video recording, versus Pre’s 3MP unit without support for video capture.

[via Phonedog]

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