The Phones Show, episode 88 has just surfaced and this time we’ve got a pretty interesting topic covered: the duel between touch and button-based phones. Also, the show includes mini reviews of HTC Magic and LG KS360:


Since you can watch the show above for yourself, let’s have a little debate on this touch versus button issue. Most of the people watching the show and commenting on allaboutsymbian have mentioned the fact that Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has taken one handed use of a touchscreen device to a whole new level.

Not that iPhone wouldn’t allow that, but it’s a tad too thin and wide to feature the same performances. Nokia 5800 comes with T8 and QWERTY options, plus a widescreen format that really helps the experience. I, for one, am a sworn physical key fan, at least till handset makers come up with a more viable feedback system that can trick us into believing that we’re using real keys.

What do you think? Buttons or virtual keyboards? You know, there’s also a third way to input data, via holograms and gesture control, but that’s the stuff of the future, at least for texting and writing emails.

[via allaboutsymbian]

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