Panasonic unveiled today the new TOUGHPAD FZ-B2 7 inch rugged tablet, that’s well protected against rough weather and tough working conditions. The device will be released around the end of November, but let’s see what its features are.



This model integrates a 7 inch wide LCD with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and Android 4.4 as the OS. It’s resilient to drops, vibrations and it has a dust and splash proof case, compliant with the IP65 standard. This unit also comes with accessories, like a car dashboard mounter and a bar code reader. The battery life here is around 7 hours and the slate measures 18 mm in thickness, while weighing 540 grams, so it’s quite bulky.

The Toughpad series is known for including laptops, tablets and even phablets that are very resilient and are meant for people working in tough environments. Those include engineers on oil rigs, construction site workers, naval shipyard managers and many more. Expect the price to be hefty as well.


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