The flexible phone pictured below, dubbed the PaperPhone was unveiled by the researchers at Queen’s University in Canada. They worked with a team from Arizona State University to develop this device, that relies on a similar E-Ink technology as the one used on the Amazon Kindle e-reader.

You can use the handset to make calls and send texts, read e-books, listen to music and there’s a really nifty way of using the flexibility of the screen. For example, you can bend the corner of the handset to turn the page in an e-book, just like in the case of real life books. You can drop a phone call by “crushing” it via the same flexible mechanism.

The only limitation right now is the refresh rate of the screen, meaning that users won’t get real time animated feedback. The team of scientists expects flexible screens to replace standard smartphones in 5 to 10 years. Here’s a taste of the future technology:

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