Of all the people in the world to talk trash about touchscreens, RIM’s officials should be the last… also Nokia shouldn’t say much about that, if you ask me. However, during a Toronto keynote, Mike Lazaridis, RIM co-chief said that there isn’t a market for tablets like the iPad out there and that touchscreen phones are not so fashionable any more.


This is a pretty odd statement, coming from the boss of a company that has failed to deliver a decent touchscreen smartphone. Lazaridis also claims that the smartphones are getting more powerful, so there’s no need for tablets nowadays. Also, according to the same RIM official, people who bought touchscreen phones 2 years ago are going back to physical keyboards now.

We don’t know where he’s getting the facts from, but the iPhone and touchscreen phones are more popular than ever. What’s strange is that RIM is apparently preparing a tablet of its own and a cool (recently leaked) BlackBerry 9900 touchscreen slider, that should contradict the chief’s remarks.

[via electronista]

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