Just as everyone is watching Symbian have a hard time reinventing itself, while Android keeps evolving and Windows Mobile enhances its potential, with the iPhone OS becoming appealing to everyone, Samsung goes out and launches a brand new OS. Dubbed Bada Mobile, this new platform is probably meant to keep the company’s OS licensing costs down.



If you only consider the fact that we get to see dozens of new Samsung phones every week, you can imagine the flow of cash going into operating systems. In house solutions seem to work best, instead of third party platforms, plus the company can have a better grip on its products.

This is an open source OS, with a name that means “ocean” in Korean and a very simple approach to the whole development process. This developer-friendly environment is also easy to use with web services, it comes with an innovative UI and will be easy to integrate by mobile operators.

More info can be found on Bada’s official site.

[Mobilissimo via IntoMobile]

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