Samsung has become the world’s greatest phone maker months ago, when it overtook Nokia for the position and lately people have been saying that Sammy also passed Apple in the smartphone sales area. According to a recent Reuters poll that trend has been confirmed, with the South Korean maker being the biggest smartphone seller in Q2.


The company is thought to have sold 50 million smartphones over the past 3 months, compared to the mere 30.5 million iPhones. IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo says that Samsung is expected to be the smartphone hero for Q2. Analysts also say that they’re expecting Q2 to reveal the biggest smartphone volumes ever shipped in the world by a single vendor in one quarter. The Galaxy portofolio is behind this, especially the S II and S III models, that are driving the growth for both Samsung and the entire product segment.

Samsung is estimated to have sold 15.7 million more mobile phones than Nokia in Q2 2012, that means quite a big jump from the 3.4 million unit lead it had in the second quarter of this year. Will Apple make up the difference through the iPhone 5 at the year end?

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