Samsung Electronics announced today the very first UFS 2.0 storage solution with 128 GB capacity for handsets. This is an universal flash storage, version 2.0 with a new interface that offers improved reading and writing speeds.

128GB UFS (2)

The new unit sticks with the JEDEC standards and large scale production of the UFS 2.0 memory has already started. The premium flash storage uses “Command Queue” technology, that speeds up command execution to a SSD level, using a serial interface. This is unlike the eMMC 8 bit standard, based on a parallel interface. The technology allows pulling 19.000 input/output operations per second for random reading and it’s 2.7 time faster than eMMC 5.0.

eMMC 5.0 is the current standard for smartphone storage. UFS 2.0 also offers 12 times the reading speed of eMMC solutions and up to 28 times the writing speed. This means that viewing UHD content on such types of storage will be a breeze. The new Samsung UFS storage units will come in 128, 64 and 32 GB versions and it will take up to 50% less space.