The folks of Engadget managed to have some quality time with the freshly announced Samsung Galaxy Nexus, that took off today in Hong Kong. This model packs a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus that supposedly does 1080p video capture and I just had to see that in action. Thus, I had a look at their article, that compares the pics and vids of the new Nexus with the ones of the Nexus S.


Engadget only had a meeting room available to take pictures in and the results can be seen here in our article and more detailed in the Source link below. The video capture is looking good, but nowhere near as good as on the Nokia N9 or the iPhone 4S. In 2011, the winning handsets camera-wise have been Samsung Galaxy S II and Nokia N9 so far, with the iPhone 4S producing oversaturated images, while the Galaxy Nexus simply lacks quality of shots…

Also, the video shows that the camera has problems with adjusting from low light to brighter light and viceversa. The good thing about the photo experience here is the fact that it takes a faction of second before you can shoot a new pic and there’s also a basic feature of editing to play with. Panorama is also available thanks to the new features in Android 4.0.

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