If you are following us on our other website called tablet-news.com, then you should have not missed the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 huge review from where you ¬†found out that the brightness level of the screen wasn’t so impressing, mostly in sunlight. Getting to know the fact that other people were happy with it, we started to wondering what we did wrong.


After that, we set the brightness on Auto mode, and we were able to push the brightness even higher with 5 extra levels to choose from. In this way, if you’re going to choose the +5 option, in full sunlight, you’ll be able to see the screen without problems. To demonstrate this we used a luxmeter to figure things out and we get a 682 LUX units on the Auto +5 setting with the sensor exposed to sunlight.


Until this moment, the iPhone 6 Plus was the champion with a 600 lux units score. Also, during a similar side by side test with the Note 4, we got 623 LUX on the Apple phablet. As you can see, the Note 4 is the one to choose if you want a great phablet with an excellent contrast and brightness ration. Which one do you own?


via: tablet-news.com

  • Pumpkin King

    Sadly a lot of people and reviewers leave out or do not know about the auto brightness and thus claim the iphone has better sunlight visibility.

    Some sadly don’t even know about the screen modes and claim the N4 screen to still be oversaturated with not as good whites….yet they are supposed to be doing professional like reviews.

    The Note 4 simply demolishes the i6/+ in almost every way. Display, camera, video, sound recording, speaker, functions, features, day to day use, stability, multi tasking, battery, charging, speaker, durability, productivity, price, value for price, memory…It just rocks the mobile world.

    Iphone is thinner, has slightly better finger print, slow mo video, and better in some low light photos.