Samsung is in deeper and deeper waters these days, as the replacement Galaxy Note 7s units have started catching fire and emitting smoke, sometimes even on flights. Carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have stopped selling the product, while Samsung has its production of the phablet stopped temporarily.



The story started around September 1st when a number of Note 7 models started overheating, catching fire and exploding. 2.5 million models were recalled then and replaced with the safer Note 7s models, that have a green battery indicator and get rid of the battery problems… supposedly. Then over the past week various problems with the new new units appeared. After a Southwest flight was evacuated following a smoking and burning Note 7, there were 3 more sightings of similar incidents involving Note 7s handsets.

Samsung is investigating the matters, trying to find out what the cause of the fire and explosion was this time. What’s certain is that production is suspended and the phablet seems doomed. AT&T and T-Mobile have promised to replace the Note 7 models only with other Samsung phones or give the money back, so they won’t hand out Note 7s units. Verizon took similar measures.

The US Consumer Product Safety and Samsung are looking into matters and I have a feeling that a final halt of the production is imminent. The faith of the public in the brand has taken serious hits and the viral-crazy US market is probably the most affected. Also, imagine the confusion if a Note 7Ss would come as a third version…

via WSJ

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