Well, it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S II is truly an incredible machine, managing to score a stunning 3053 points in benchmarks recently. We tested the HTC Incredible S in a similar manner and came close to 1600 points, so imagine that. Also, it seems that the HTC Sensation’s results go around the 1800 range of points, but that was back when it was dubbed Pyramid and probably it was a prototype.

Smartbench2011 Productivity is the test involved and the Galaxy S II uses the Exynos dual core 1.2 GHz CPU we’ve heard about this week. Quadrant tests were also included for the 3053 score to be reached, meaning a threefold improvement over the original Galaxy S. Keep in mind that these are just tests and benchmarks and not real life behavior of the handset, but they’re still impressive.

All the more reason to be hunting for a test unit of the Galaxy S II right now! We’ll be back with more info!

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