There’s nothing that Microsoft loves more than praising its products and this happened on the occasion of a recent demonstration, showing the power of the Mango update on WP7 and Internet Explorer 9 Mobile. The latter was compared to the iPhone 4 browser and the one on the Nexus S, as shown below.


This is a HTML5 mobile browser war, that had Joe Belfiore, Windows Phone program director as the judge. He demonstrated the new Internet Explorer 9 Mobile at the MIX11 developer conference in Las Vegas, taking place yesterday. Belfiore relied on a HTML5 speed reading demo from Microsoft’s website.

Also, we gave the iPhone 4 a head start and even then the Windows Phone browser won. It came on top with a demo performance of 20 FPS, on the Windows Phone Mango software. The Android browser on the Nexus S managed to reach 11 FPS and the iPhone 4 was pretty poor, with a mere 2 FPS and not even finishing in time.

Well, we’re months away from the Mango update for WP7, so Apple and Google will have time to catch up and enhance hardware acceleration for HTML5 technology. Till then IE9 Mobile stays on top.

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