Eldar Murtazin is back in action, this time with fresh info on Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices. Keep in mind that considering the Mobile Review editor in chief’s reputation with rumors, you shouldn’t take the info for granted. However, the idea of having 12 WP7 Nokia units in 2012, as he claims sounds very good!


It seems that Nokia is developing 4 devices right now, with Windows Phone on board, with the first being the W7 model. This one will be the “test device”, that will see the response of the market to the switch from Symbian. It could arrive this year and it will be followed by the W8, the very first Windows Phone 7 cameraphone.

We expect the W8 to be an N8 with WP7, according to Eldar’s words, also keeping a bit of the design and camera quality. Maybe a change in CPU? We’ve heard about Qualcomm involvement, dual core processor and Adreno acceleration. Wondering if the camera will pass 12MP… Next up is a QWERTY-touch combo, an unnamed Windows Phone handset made by Nokia, with metal case and unknown design, yet.

This “Communicator” will arrive in March/April next year, priced competitively, maybe around 350 euros. Finally, there should also be a cheap touchscreen model, to bring Windows Phone to masses, if Eldar is not mistaking. Take all these with a grain of salt and remember that there’s has to be a bit of truth here, not only speculation, right?

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