The performance of Samsung Galaxy S II doesn’t seem to know boundaries, since the handset has just scored 4000+ in Quadrant, after being overclocked to 1.5GHz by XDA Developers member coolbho3000. What you need is the latest version of odin3 and USB drivers for Windows. Instructions are available here.


Keep in mind that such customizations should be done with people familiar with the software and hardware, as you wouldn’t want to push your CPU further and fry it. 1.504GHz was achieved with a stable voltage of 1375mV on the device in question, that’s shown in action below. The dude who tried this overclocking mentions that he even reached 2GHz speeds, but they are quite unstable and come with high voltages and temperatures.

One thing is for sure: the dual core Exynos 4210 CPU can fly high and we wonder how far it can go and also if the Tegra 2 version of the Galaxy S II can compare to the Exynos one. I’m guessing that there won’t be any other phone to break the 4000 points mark in Quadrant till winter…

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