It’s time for the mighty comparisons to take place, starting with a battle between the just announced Samsung Galaxy S III and the first 720p phone ever, Galaxy Nexus. Both models are made by Samsung and they are/were top of the line when they came out. Now let’s see if there’s any real difference between them and for that we have a comparison video done by Android Central.


The first thing you notice is that the screen of the Galaxy Nexus is actually superior, since it offers the same 720p resolution on the same Super AMOLED screen, but on a 4.65 inch diagonal, unlike the 4.8 inch diagonal of the Galaxy S III. So, the pixel density battle is won by the Galaxy Nexus, but the processor duel is certainly won by the quad core 1.4 GHz Exynos on the Galaxy S III, I’ll you that right now. The TI OMAP 4460 dual core 1.2 GHz can’t compete with that, so sorry last year’s Nexus!

Moving on we have the same 1GB of RAM on both models and a bonus storage for the Galaxy S III: microSD card slot, 16/32/64GB of internal memory, while the Nexus from 2011 has to deal with a mere 16GB of storage and that’s it. Both models are able to run or already run Android 4.0.4 ICS and on the connectivity side they’re equal, with NFC, LTE and 3G with 21 Mbps speeds. At the back of the Galaxy S III we find a superior 8 megapixel camera with zero shutter lag, great burst mode, video stabilizer, 1080p 30 fps video capture and other goodies, that’s a bit better than the 5MP shooter from the other Samsung model.

And finally, the battery is a 2.100 mAh unit on the Galaxy S III and a 1.750 mAh on the older Nexus phone. So drawing the line I’d say that the Galaxy S III wins the battle, but it’s still a bit uglier than the sexy Galaxy Nexus. What do you think?

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