The guys of have just found out that the Samsung Galaxy S has received Android 2.3.3 officially this weekend. The software reached Germany units yesterday and now it’s available in a few more European countries. Those who did not receive it can always change their country code to get it.


While the Samsung Galaxy S II has already 1 million activated units in South Korea alone, the predecessor is still trendy, especially with the new software. Android 2.3.4 will follow in a few weeks, according to inside sources and in order to get version 2.3.3 on your Galaxy S unit, you will need the latest version of Kies and the device connected to the PC.

There’s also a manual install for Android 2.3.3, that requires the deactivation of lagfix (if it’s installed), plus handset rooting, Android Market Spoof FW and a backup. This manual install comes with the usual risks of bugging the phone…

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