One of the most potent smartphones, as far as video processing is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S was recently tested in comparison with Nexus One, to see which of them qualifies as a portable console replacement. Galaxy S was victorious, but you can see that for yourself by comparing the two Quake 3 gameplay videos below. First, Samsung Galaxy S:


Nexus One is able to render 22 million triangles per second, while Galaxy S reaches the incredible 90 million triangles per second landmark. As shown by these videos, Nexus One can’t compare to the Samsung device, since its colours are not as vivid and the gameplay is not as fluid.

This Samsung phone looks like the ideal gaming device, but it won’t hold the title for too long, considering the evolution of smartphones/superphones. A 4 inch Super AMOLED Display, plus TouchWiz 3.0, a 1GHz CPU and great video processing can work wonders…

[via androidcommunity]

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