It’s been a little over a month since Samsung introduced the Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong and already rumors about the Galaxy S III and future products have started appearing. An interesting twist to these rumors is the trademark application that Samsung filed for the name Galaxy Sleek, that covers an entire range of telephones, smartphones, mobile phones and tablets.


I imagine that this will come as a replacement for the Galaxy S series and maybe mark the debut of quad core technology among smartphones and tablets made by the South Korean company. Also, the name Sleek sounds good enough for the US public, so carriers in the States won’t have to change it and use 4-5 different names like they did for the Galaxy S II.

I expected a Galaxy Sleek smartphone here, one with quad core technology and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, followed by a Galaxy Sleek Tab tablet and who knows what other gizmos. It’s rumored that early next year we’ll see the announcement for the Galaxy S III. Well, how would you like it to be called Samsung Galaxy Sleek instead of S III? I think it sounds better this way…

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