Samsung SGH-i520 is a mystery smartphone that’s just been spotted online in some photos published by Droid-Life and some say that it could be related to the Nexus S. It’s got 4 buttons at the bottom making it an Android handset, it uses a case made by OffWire and it’s supposed to be a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone.


The feature pointing towards the Samsung Nexus S relation is the curved backside of the device. Verizon Wireless already has the hot HTC Thunderbolt smartphone ready for announcement these days and this is only one of the LTE devices ready to be included in the carrier’s portofolio. LG also has one and we bet that Motorola does, too.

In case this is a modified version of the Nexus S we can consider it to be to the new Google Phone what HTC Desire was to the Nexus One: a distant cousin…

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