Samsung announced that it’ll launch its own app store at Mobile World Congress 2009, a service that’s powered by PocketGear and meant to provide mobile software for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.


The service is based around the Samsung Mobile Applications website and it’s a pretty developer-friendly one, requiring no registration fee and also no fees for distribution. There will be many freeware apps to download and the service should be available as an on-device application portal based powered by Java technology.

You’ll also be able to buy themes, ringtones, music and audio-books through the same portal, aside from regular apps and you’ll perform Internet searches and on-device data search through the same interface. There are already 1100 apps available through this store, that will focus on the UK market, at first and then expand.

More details on the service, once Mobile World Congress kicks in and you can register your app to the store by visiting this address.

[via wmpoweruser]