As Apple rises to new heights on the Chinese market, Samsung is losing some serious traction there. The latest info about this evolution comes from Benedict Evans, a respected Forbes analyst, who published on Twitter the graphs below, the first showing the decrease of Samsung in China and the second showing the evolution of Apple locally.



Samsung’s share has decreased from 22% to 12.5% in 2014, according to data provided by Baidu, China’s largest resource. The reasons for the drop? Apple for one, then Xiaomi and the likes of Lenovo, that have grown a lot over the past year. Ambitions are great in China and local companies get boosts both from local authorities and from various tech personalities, who are very inspired in the way they do business.


Samsung is still the number one phone maker and smartphone maker in the world, but 2014 was a rough year for the company. We’re talking about less than expected Samsung Galaxy S5 sales, dismissed managers and the closing down of a flagship store. For the following period of time, Samsung will freeze salaries of managers and they will try to get back a portion of the market, as they completely remake the Galaxy S6 from scratch, according to rumors.

I have to say that the company’s slates were solid, so that may be the turnaround segment for them.

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