Although the web was abundant with iPhone 4S information over the past hours, we can squeeze in some extra Android love, through the latest leak in the ecosystem. I’m talking about the first Samsung Nexus prime leaked photo, that’s shown below.


Sadly, this is not a full photo, but rather a part of it, showing only that the handset comes with a 720p HD display and without buttons, at least not physical ones. This model is supposed to debut next week, October 11th, during a special Samsung + Google event. I can’t help but wonder what goodies a 1280 x 720 screen on a phone will bring, combined with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Considering the rumored 4.65 inch diagonal of the screen, this will bring the pixel density to 320, very close to the Retina Display 326 density. If you take a good look at the picture here, you can spot a minor metallic trim on the edge, a protrusion on the left top edge, probably for the volume rocker. I have to wonder why there’s need for a bezel at the bottom side and one that’s big for that matter… I guess we’ll learn more on October 11th..

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