Samsung Electronics has big plans regarding the Galaxy S4, so after official unveiling events in several countries all over the world this week, they now plan to debut the product in store by the end of the month. The launch will happen in 50 countries and the sources claim that the first month shipments will be close to 10 million units.


Samsung Debuts The New Galaxy S IV

Samsung is free of issues like component shortages, giving them the upper hand on HTC, who was at some point reported to struggle with the Ultrapixel camera components. Sources also predict that for the whole Q2 2013 Samsung will move 30 million units of the smartphone and the penetration rate of high end handsets will continue to grow. Samsung is the leading smartphone brand right now and the Galaxy S4 will help keep that domination.

Component providers disclosed that Samsung has control over the production as the firm offers in-house key components like processors, panel, image sensors and memory, so shortages are less likely. Overall, it will be a prolific year for Samsung, as the Galaxy S4 is expected to debut in a total of 150 countries on 327 telecom carriers.

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