With the Samsung intention of removing the iPhone 4S from shelves in Europe on account of the patent breach it does, the war with Apple is waging stronger than ever. Apparently, their idea for injunction has failed in Europe, but the duel continues in Japan and Australia, where Samsung still has hopes to ban the new product.


Holland wouldn’t grant the ban to the Asian company, but maybe in its home continent things will be different. Samsung is claiming that Apple infringes connectivity, UI and other technologies with the iPhone 4S, plus it added to the list the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, that are all meant to be blocked from sale. It’s strange to see Samsung and Google cancelling their Nexus Prime event in honor of Steve Jobs’ passing, only to strike Apple two days later with a lawsuit…

I guess business is business and after so many suits thrown at the South Korean phone maker, they got tired and decided to fight back and be at the offensive for once. Last week, Apple scored a victory in Australia, banning the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at least till 20112, when a full trial will take place.

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