Sprint announced today the new Sanyo Katana Eclipse X handset, a clamshell device that’s practically a better Katana Eclipse, which was made available in August. What’s new about this handset is that it features Sprint’s One Click interactive UI, which allows the user to customize the Home screen of the device by adding shortcuts to it.

The specs list for Katana Eclipse X is impressive enough, as it includes a 2 inch TFT internal display (176 x 220 pixels), a 1 inch external display. Sprint Mobile Email, Sprint TV and Sprint Music Store. The handset also comes with GPS and Sprint Navigation, an MP3 player, Stereo Bluetooth, Wireless Backup and a 1.3 megapixel camera that supports video recording.

Katana Eclipse X arrives with a 256MB microSDHC card and uses an 840 mAh battery that lasts long enough for 4.6 hours of talk time. You can buy this Sanyo phone for $99 (2 year contract included).

[via Unwired View]