Seesmic was among the first companies to reveal a Twitter client for Windows Phone 7, a couple of months ago. Now it’s back to detail the software, courtesy of the video below. This is just one of the app partners for Microsoft’s latest mobile platform and the list also includes Foursquare, Netflix and Associated Press.


Seesmic for WP7 supports a Silverlight-based plug-in platform and SDK, just like it was announced at MIX 2010, plus Bing Maps will also be integrated into the application. Seesmic for WP7 provides your very own dashboard, multiple page configuration and app personalization options. The app also integrates Twitter completely, with messages, lists, profile, retweets, search and geotagging.

Using this client you can also share photos with friends and send followers direct messages. Facebook integration is available as well, just like it’s shown in the Seesmic video below:

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