This year will be marked also by the commercial launch of the Google Project Ara smartphone, device that can be personalized with several hardware modules that will meet our needs. Such a smartphone will let us choose later a bigger camera sensor, a more powerful speaker or even a high-end processor without changing the phone we’re using.

Screenshot (1722)_500x318

A Google partner in this project is also Sennheiser, the popular company that develops audio solutions like chips and headsets. They have the pleasure to reveal today one of the first audio modules compatible with Project Ara, components that are pictured above.

Screenshot (1723)_500x300

Beside a standard module with one-single audio jack, Sennheiser also showed up one with two 3.5-mm ports that could be useful in sharing music with our friends, or for the attachment of an external microphone. How your very own Google Project Ara will look like?


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