The folks of Applidium have managed to make a breakthrough as far as the famous Siri virtual assistant is concerned. They’ve cracked the security controls that made Siri only work on the iPhone 4S, based on some special identifiers. The same hackers also released some tools for messing around with the software in order to get it to work on other platforms.


Right now, the virtual assistant is able to function on the iPad, Mac and even Android. Last I heard, Siri was spotted running on the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone, but this is an entirely different ball game. There’s always the option that Apple will fix the crack or simply change the identifiers to something else to ban the already connected the device. The caveat here is that Siri needs the Apple servers to work…

The problem here is that you need a UDID of an iPhone 4S to get the crack working and Apple can block that if they sense anything suspicious. Applidium claims that Apple uses a lot of info that communicates from the iPhone 4S to the Apple servers and back. The handset sends raw audio data compressed with the Speex audio codec that’s used specifically for VoIP.

Be careful with that blacklisting of identifiers if you want to try out the crack!

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