While the recent trend of launching big screen smartphones probably made you figure out that they’re popular or they will be, now there’s study showing that people actually want bigger screens. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech performed a big study, regarding this matter and the results can be seen below.


Among the Android phones sold over the past 3 months in 8 countries, 29% of them had a screen bigger than 4.5 inches. Owners were also more active than those with smaller screen devices, using the Internet and watching videos more often than people with modest screens. Android has a market share of over 50% of the market, with 46.8% in Brazil and a huge 86.8% in Spain. In Europe the market share increase by over a fifth from 2011. iOS is taking a solid punch outside the US, its last bastion.

Of course, people have been holding on to their wallets and waiting for the iPhone 5, so we may be able to judge the screen diagonal purchase scheme better two months after the new iPhone is out. Windows Phone hot sellers could also switch the balance back to the smaller devices…

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