Sony Ericsson Xperia Active is a resilient handset, one that’s also waterproof and dust proof, but we put that to the test, since we don’t believe everything we’re told. You can see the device taking a bath in the pic below, after accessing our website. There’s even more in the video below!


You can use a knife to try and scratch the screen of the Xperia Active, but you’ll have no luck with that. Thanks to an additional internal case, the smartphone is protected against water and dust. Water will sometimes get caught among the cases, as you’ll see by opening the exterior one, that also sports plugs for the microUSB and audio ports.

The speaker is covered by the contact with water and I really wonder how SE managed to cover the speaker and still allow it to play music pretty loudly. The camera sensor is also pretty well protected, by mind you that once the screen of the handset hits water, the capacitive buttons will take that as a command and you’ll enter the Home menu.

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