Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about the possibility of Steve Jobs being involved in the next iPhone as well as the 4S model. Many people have claimed that they’re purchasing the latest iPhone as a tribute for the passed Apple CEO, but what about the iPhone 5?


Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar is claiming in a recent research note that the next iPhone will be a cult classic and all thanks to Jobs. Kumar also said that he expects a slimmer handset, with a larger screen and most likely LTE connectivity. There’s also a mystery source out there saying that it has info about a complete redesign of the iPhone 5 and that this is a very important project that had Steve at its helm. He seems to have been very little involved with the 4S in the end…

Everyone was waiting for a redesign even as soon as the iPhone 4S, but nothing just yet, since breaking the 3.5 inch screen tradition is not something that Apple is yet ready to do. The iPhone 5 will most likely we showcased during the Apple Developer Conference in summer 2012, according to Kumar’s notes.

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