Everyone knows that it’s not safe to get involved into arguments with bloggers, but Steve Jobs must have missed this rule, since he did it just the other day. It all started with Ryan Tate, a contributing editor for the Gawker blog, who was watching an iPad ad and decided to email Jobs about the product.


We remind you that Gawker is the network that owns Gizmodo, the site that recently came across an iPhone 4G prototype and tested it. Back to Ryan Tate, he approached Steve Jobs via Gmail and asked him to explain what “revolutionary” means when it comes to the iPad. He also referred to Bob Dylan in the email, knowing that Apple’s main man is a fan of the artist.

Jobs replied and it all became a long email thread, with Tate discussing the whole Apple hate towards Adobe, the process of app approval into the App Store and… the fact that Apple “protects you against porn”. In the end, Apple’s guru must have lost  his temper, since he went personal and asked the blogger what his achievements in life were, compared to Apple’s.

Ouch! That’s got to count for something in the next Apple board meeting, right?

[via thenextweb]

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