The long-awaited Google Phone is finally available on the market, T-Mobile G1 hitting the stores right now. Also, Android Market just got launched, so feel free to download the apps you need to power up your Android phone. Remember that you can also rate the apps you can use and comment upon them.


We get to see Google showing some love to its “child”, by informing us on its main page (at least in the US version) that “The G1 phones are on sale now. Learn more.”

For developers, there’s a chance of registering and uploading applications starting next Monday, October 27. They’ll have to pay a small fee of $25 when they register and get ready to upload software. In Q1 2009, developers will also make available paid apps, aside from the free ones and they’ll get 70% of the revenue generated by the software purchase.

In case you think that Google gets the rest, think again, as the cash will reach carriers and pay for billing settlement fees. Right now Android Market offers over 50 apps, including multimedia software, location-based apps, travel guides, games and much more. As time goes by, we’ll see the full potential of the Android platform unveiled and probably new software as well, so keep an eye on GSMDome for updates.

[via Android Developers Blog]

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