All eyes are upon T-Mobile G1, that has just been made available today, with the Android Market also launched at the same time. However, one must find time to take a look in the remote future and discover the G2, T-Mobile G2 to be more precise. Here it is:


Stunned by the looks? Sure you are, as chances are that this is a Photoshop edit, that first appeared on TalkAndroid forums. The concept might as well be a great big Google leak, but that’s very unlikely. Back to this “G2”, it doesn’t come with a specs list, but that’s what such pics are for, to distract us from the fact that we know nothing about the device.

However, word goes round that we’ll see the next T-Mobile G handset with a tilting screen (twice the resolution), Java V8 browsing (Mobile Chrome?) and interactive widgets. Hmm, isn’t this just an iPhone screen “pasted” on T-Mobile G1?

[via Concept Phones]

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